Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do you dare?

So yesterday I picked up a new read! drumroll.....The Daring Book for Girls. Don't mind that it is usually for ages between 12-15, I am completely loving it. I so wish they had a book like this when I was growing up! It has everything you need to know for being a girl in it. Some of the titles in the book are: Rules of Basketball, Boys, friendship bracelets, how to negotiate a salary, Books that will change your life, building a campfire, writing letters, and those are just to name a few. As most of you know, I am a complete child at heart and still sometimes act like one. I have a feeling this book will be in my hands for many many years to come! Below is a picture of me after my purchase, pre-horrific storm.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE TO COME OUT! I laugh so hard during the preview already, I don't even want to think about what I will be like watching it in theatres. May 13, hurry up!

Monday, April 18, 2011

workout wonders

Holy workout! This gal, Jillian Micheals, has been killing me! Her workout video is intense! I hardly ever sweat from workouts (probably because I am constantly dehydrated), and I was pouring sweat after her workout video! This was day 1 of me doing the workout and I am pooped. I wanted a good workout video but did not want to pay for one like p90x, although I wish I had the extra funds to do so! However, I feel like Jillian's video did the job! She has several videos, so I can't wait to try the others out when I am finished with this one!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Product Shout Out!

I love it so much, I thought I should share with you my new favorite product. It is the seasource renewing body gelee from Arbonne. I got it about a week ago from one of my favorite Arbonne ladies, Emily Denton, and I have almost used the whole can. It is ridiculous how much I use this stuff. I apply it in the morning before I go to work and at night before I go to bed. It really helps hold my extreme golfer's tan (who wants to lose one of those? Right?). The smell is fantastic and not too overwhelming like some lotions are. I encourage everyone to try it out. And if you don't like it, I will gladly take it off your hands :) You can get a hold of one of these goodies by contacting Emily Denton or Brooke Ruff! They are the sweetest girls and will help you out with anything you need to know about this product or other Arbonne products. As for American Idol tonight, I am too devastated to even get into it. I cried tonight when Paul got voted off, and it takes a lot for me to cry. America has gone cray.

Friday, April 8, 2011

jib jab jib jab

hello everyone and happy friday! whoooo, the weather is a scorcher out there and this sista is loving it. I will take four more 80 degree days and a cold blue moon please. Time to jump into my shorts and flip flops for a few months. I can't wait to go to the pool, if only one-pieces were still in style..anyway, when I didn't have a job and got to stay home all day and I feel in love with day time television. And, let me tell you, the rumors are not all true, there are some good shows to be seen. My personal favorite is called THE TALK. It is obviously a talk show, but not just any talk show. These women get steamy! I absolutely love that they are not afraid to talk about ANY issue. It makes for great tv and the whole time you will be sitting there saying, "YES! I DO THAT TOO!" Unfortunately, I don't get to watch it during its regular time anymore (1 p.m.) but I do catch the show online, which is even better because there are no commercials. Check it out, hopefully you will find it as humorous as I do.

Here is the link:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

eyes glued

Today I have a day off, so you know what that means..the day starts off with The Price is Right. I have always really enjoy this show and the crazy people on it make me laugh so hard. I would go crazy too if i got some of the prizes, but these people are downright hilarious. There was a cute older man on the show today named Charles and he was so grateful to be on the show. His wife was going wild for him in the audience. I really like seeing older couples that are still so in love, I think that is incredible.

Also, American Idol was amazing last night! I have never really watched the seasons, but this season I am hooked! In the beginning of the show I was totally obsessed with Paul. I loved his voice and his smile makes any girl melt. But, lately Casey has started to compete with him for my love obsession. I think the reason that I am starting to like Casey more and more is his personality. Don't get me wrong, he has a phenomenal voice, but it is character shines too. He is so light-hearted and fun. He is so grateful for the opportunity he has and does not want to take anything for granted. The judges saved him a few weeks ago when he got voted off and it made me like the judges even more! Thank goodness for their save because Casey is NOT disappointing. His song last night was incredible. I love him and his little sweet heart! My eyes were GLUED to the television when he was singing.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Beans

Today there was HORRIBLE weather in Oxford. The only thing I enjoy about the rain, is sleeping through it..oh and rain gear that accompanies it. A few months ago, I invested in a pair of llbean bean boots. Oh my lanta, how I love these babies. They are the perfect rainy weather accessory. They keep my feet and jeans dry! They are suppose to keep in tact for at least ten years so I am excited to wear them until the heels fall off!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The perfect combo

My new love is skinny girl margaritas. For me, my summer drink is definitely a margarita. Unfortunately, these lovely ladies do not help me maintain my ideal summer figure. So, brilliant Bethenny Frankel invented the skinny girl margarita. And let me tell you, this little bottle of bliss is my jam. I find it a bit strong and I love margaritas, so if you are not fond of them, you might not like the taste. But if you do loooove you some margs, I invite you to enter the world of the skinny girl, you will not regret it.