Sunday, August 1, 2010

A New Beginning

Pictures from parties at our apartment

Quote of the Day: "The things we are afraid of are usually the most worthwile."

Song that I am loving right now: The house that built me by Miranda Lambert

When people look back on their lives, they often remember the memories that shaped them into the person they have become. Many times, these memories include events, hardships, and people. When I look back at my life, at the things that shaped me, many of those factors played a part in developing me into the person I am today. However, the most recent place that contributed to this molding, was apartment 614 at 909 broad street apartments. This is the place that finally developed me into the person that I completely want to be. For me, this place marked many changes in my life and new beginnings. It marked the ends of relationships, the beginning of new ones, the end of insecurities, and the beginning of discovery. In my book of life, this place is dogeared, bookmarked, and highlighted. This chapter is filled with laughter, friendship, love, heartbreak, late nights, fights, make ups, and all the things that lay between. For two years, this was my place of retreat, relaxation, and self-renovation. Some of my memories include, hosting parties where Rex (the security man) is the most frequent visitor due to noise violations, the mystery peed in fish tank, watching the bachelorette in strong anticipation, early morning blending (sefanie loves those smothies), loud, painful singing to whatever pop sensation grasped our attention at the time, beer pong on our homemade board, neighbor dinners, and many more. Through these experiences, I gained the best friendships that will remain through an entire life time. Sean McConnell has a song called, "If these walls could speak," this song makes me think of the things those walls, in 909, would say if they could speak. I like to think that they would laugh a lot thanks to me and Amy's crude humor. I am not sure what they would say, but the stories they would tell would be incredible. Now that we have moved out and moved on, I look back and really see how important this place was to me. Sure, it was a nice apartment, but the plaster and paint didnt make it memorable, the people who passed through it did. I like to think that I will tuck these memories away somewhere and keep them in a memory diary. I will pull them out when I encounter situations that make me question who I am. Stefanie and Amy became my family thanks to this place and that is something I will never forget. College will definately not be the same without this place. Thank you to everyone who made this place what it was and what it will always be in my heart. Have a beautiful day.