Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quote of the day:

“Love is supreme and unconditional; like is nice but limited.”
-Duke Ellington

Song that I am loving right now:

The good stuff by Kenny Chesney

Why do people not write letters anymore? Technology is taking over the world, and I do not like it one bit. I say that but I probably couldn’t live without it for a day. Still, I miss the days when people would send you letters. I remember being so exciting to receive a letter in the mail. It’s like Christmas morning in a mailbox. I wish that it was still the way people communicated. Think about it, there is so much mystery and suspense about letter writing. There is absolutely no instant gratification. Instead, you get to sit and wait a week or so until the other person responds to know what they are thinking. I bet people knew a lot more about people when letter writing was popular because they knew they wouldn’t get another chance to contact another person for at least a week. I remember when I went to camp, this was the only way that we were allowed to communicate with our family and friends. I made sure to jot down my close friends addresses so that I could send them letters while I was away. It was so exciting to come back from an activity and see a letter sitting on your bed. It was nice to see that someone thought of you and cared enough to take time to write you. I was a huge dork and continued to go to camp through high school. I loved it so much that I never wanted to stop going. Truthfully, I would still go now if I could. One summer I was dating a guy and it came the time where I had to leave for camp. It was emotional when we had to leave each other (oh high school romance) and even harder when we were away from each other. But there was something so romantic about writing to each other. It even made me miss him more than I thought I would. Even though we had already been dating a year, I learned so much about him through his letter writing. It was fun to share our letters with each other when I returned home. There is something about seeing someone’s handwriting that is so special too. To know that they held the same paper that you are reading. Unlike an email, letters are so personal and thoughtful. In emails you can’t even doodle, but in a letter, hearts find their way into margins. I still do receive cards in the mail for birthdays and holidays, but it is not the same as a letter. After camp, you would get your friends addresses and write to each other. Even though most of us had internet at that time, one of my friends and I wrote back and forth for years. We each have boxes of letters that we sent to each other, and I think that is so special. No, there is not an inbox that filters out your old mail, there is just a regular, cardboard box that saves all your memories. A letter marks a place in time; a moment of feeling and a conversation that has been frozen in time. I think I may start writing letters again. Maybe I will cut myself off from all technology and live by communicating through letters. That would be the life. Ironic, since I am using a computer to publish this blog. Ha. Have a beautiful day

Monday, March 22, 2010

Quote of the day:

“In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.”

-Charlie Brown

Song I am loving right now:

Crazy thing called love by Michael Buble (originally by Queen)

Wine. This is something that I wish I knew more about. I think that wine is so peaceful. It always reminds me of calm nights and good conversation. One of my favorite things to do is sit on our porch when it’s raining really heavy with a glass of wine. Amy and I sit there and talk for hours and it is absolutely perfect. There are no funnels, no drinking games, just a gentle sip every now and then. Another thing that I have recently started to enjoy is having a glass at night, not that I need any help getting to sleep, but I just find it calming. When I go out to dinner, it is the perfect addition to any meal, other than Mexican where of course you have to get a margarita. Sadly, I enjoy any cheap white wine and definitely would not know the difference between a $2.00 bottle and a $200 bottle. Which, I guess if I think about it is an excellent quality to posses, considering my college budget. I choose my wine based on the label. Therefore, it’s good for marketing majors to know, it really does pay off. I find myself going down the aisle at the grocery store searching for the bottle that will look the best above my cabinet. Not the one that is the most expensive or that might taste the best, but the one that is the most aesthetically pleasing. However, I always seem to enjoy it, so my rationale of choosing a great wine has never been wrong. The good thing about wine is that you can enjoy it at home, on your back porch, on a date, or even when you want a crazy night out with your friends. Wine is so easy going and versatile. If wine was a person, it would be the most relaxed, carefree person ever. Another great thing about wine is that it is a great gift to give. If you are ever searching for a present for a girl, wine is always an option. There is no girl I know that doesn’t enjoy a bottle of wine. Therefore, 2 buck chuck for girls and a case of natty for the guys. Funny combination. I love seeing a case of beer next to a bottle of wine. It’s like saying, “we keep it classy when we party.” That’s a great thing about college. If you open a fridge after a night out you can find a variety of things. A few keystones left over, a bottle of wine, a mysterious brown liquid sitting in a Kroger water bottle, and the one random pbr. One thing that I want to purchase for my apartment next year is a wine rack. It will probably only have one bottle in it, but I I think they are so great. They are definitely a space saver and you don’t have to go digging through the fridge to find the exact one you want. It’s like a bookshelf for wine. I wish that I could have a library of wine; with lots of different aesthetically pleasing bottles of wine. It could have a slide ladder too, because those are needed in every library. Another great thing about wine is that they usually have corks. Those are fun because you can use them for lots of different crafts. We have a wine cork board in our kitchen and I absolutely love it. Therefore, wine is a wonderful addition to life. Props to the person who created it, I will think of you next time I unscrew a cork. Have a beautiful day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quote of the Day:

“I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful.”

Marilyn Monroe

Song I am loving right now:

The other side of the door by Taylor Swift

I began to notice that I love everything girly. It’s upsetting. It’s upsetting because I never pictured myself as the glittery girly type, but I am. I love the color pink, I love shoes, I love shopping, I love late night talking, and I love love. As much as I try to fight it, a warm bubble bath with candles can cure any illness and an episode of desperate housewives can make you forget everything else that is going on around you. Hair bands complete any outfit and it is freeing to know that spring brings bright colored nail polish and pastels. The problem with girls today is that they forget their self-worth. There are so many girls that fall in the trap and believe that they cannot survive without attention or the direction of a guy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those strong woman rights advocates. I just believe that every person, male or female, needs to find the person they are deep down and carry that person proudly with them at all times. It takes a lot to be confident sometimes, but it feels so good once you have come to the realization that you are who you are and that person can overcome anything. Sure, there are definitely hard times in life, but you have to find what works for you to help you push you through them. Yes, sometimes for me it is that bright colored nail polish, but most of the time its way more than that. Family, I have learned is undeniably where you first turn. No matter how hard the situation, someone has been through it and can be a spark of hope and drag you to happiness and recovery. For me, my family has fought through a lot of pain and suffering together. While these moments have been heart wrenching, it has woven us together and made us a unit. God, is another of those pretty important people in life. He will never give you anything you can handle. Trust me, I know, he loves to test this theory on me. But, he gives you things to help you become stronger for things that come later in life. I am also confident that he won’t ever take anything away without replacing it with something better. This is a really hard thing to believe in sometimes, but it’s true. Everything happens for a reason and usually it is the perfect reason that you do not come to realize until later in life. Unfortunately, that’s the game that life is, waiting for the unpredictable. But, that’s also the exciting part. Chances in life are so important and must be taken. Without chances, there are no true rewards. If you are scared, don’t fret, everything will turn out alright. Never give up on an opportunity to be happy. Never tell yourself that you are not good enough. And never underestimate your abilities. Be patient with life, that is the sweetness of it. Dare to be unsure, make decisions that don’t make sense, let go and enjoy your life. Have a beautiful day.