Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wrap it up

so I must say that I am pretty proud of myself today. I created this beautiful wrapped present for Mallory and Barrett's wedding this weekend! No telling whats inside...(lets just say that I liked their present so much, I got one for myself). I got the inspiration for the present wrapping from Emily over at Jones Design Company. That gal is so talented and I practically steal all her ideas. I am obsessed with her house and I want to one day create a space similar with the same cozy feel. I have been loving this flower ever since she did the tutorial and I have already done it for a few other projects. I see many more of them in my future.

I think present wrapping is so fun and gives you a chance to display your personality. I know there are online deliveries now for wedding gifts, but I feel like that takes the genuineness out of it. I love seeing how people choose to decorate their gifts, especially the ones from my younger cousins at the christmas time. Their use of tape is more for amusement that practicality, I am convinced. I hope Mallory and Barrett love their present and I am MORE than ready to be shakin my groove thang on the dance floor this weekend, bring on the band! I would request my favorite song as of late, but I know no one can sing it exactly like him, so I will just play it repeatedly on our six hour ride home. Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Design/domain name

Hello lovies!

As you can see, I have had some major changes here in my blog world. I changed my design, created a new blog name, and got a new domain. I stupidly forgot to transfer my favorite blogs though so I frantically tired to find all of them through the history on my computer. Also, I wasn't sure how to forward my old domain to the new one, so hopefully everyone finds me again. Pass the word along to your bloggy friends for me! I have been thinking about changing my blog name and domain for a while and almost couldn't bare looking at that drab design that I sadly called my blog. So waaa-llaaa, a make over has happened, and I must say I am loving the fresh, new, clean look. Everything about is much more me.

Now, onto other topics,

WHY am I so addicted to reality shows? Does anyone else share in this addiction? I. can't. get. enough. Please, help snap me out if it. (although, secretly, I wouldn't want you to help, thats how addicted I am. sad.) One of my latest favorites is, "Million Dollar Decorators", I haven't decided who is my favorite yet but I am totally crushing on Mary's design style. She can come style my house any day, well any day I have a extra few mill laying around.

Also, there is "Love in the Wild" Does anyone else watch this? Please say yes and that they agree with me that Samantha and Mike are the cutest things. I hope they continue a relationship beyond the show, because we all know that always works.

I am watching my usual, the "Bachelorette" but must say that this is my least favorite season to date. I am not sure if it is because of Ashley or the guys, but I am just not thrilled. Although, I must say, I think JP actually likes Ashley a lot and she should end up with him or Ben, yet to be decided. For some reason I like Ames though, I know..weird. I think he is just so genuine and polite. Even though he did show a sassy side in the elevator a few weeks ago..

This are the things I talk about in daily conversation. Not normal. Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings!

Monday, July 11, 2011

products that I am loving

WHEWWEEE, I havent blooged in a long time. It is becoming a habit for me, huh? I thought about it, and I must gush and brag about my recent favorite products. I recently was searching for a new nail polish color and I stumbled upon Mrs. O'Learys BBQ, I thought it would be fitting for my future move to Memphis, not to mention the color looked spectacular. Nevermind, that extreme run on sentence that just occurred. Well, today was the first day I tried the nail polish and it is just as wonderful as it looks on the screen!


Product #2 is Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser. My pores are finally breathing and for a cheap price tag of $4.00! I have always used the face washes with the exfoliating beads and always felt like my makeup was still on after my watch. Then I was watching the Doctors one day and they said something along the lines of washing your face with foaming face wash is much better for it than the exfoliating bead scrubs. After watching, I was on a mission to find a replacement face wash. It is a make up cleanser as well so it is perfect for giving my pores a little present everyday!


Product #3 is crest 3D mouthwash. I am addicted. Not only does it feel fresh, but it actually works. I saw a huge difference within just a few days of using this product. Its an acquired taste, but it has been worth it!