Sunday, March 4, 2012

Things I learned about Little Rock

Hello long lost friends!

How has the blogging world been treating you? It has sadly come to my attention that I am probably a once-a-monther. Blogging once a month has been my trend now...very sad. But, I do what I can and I still want to keep updating it as much as I am able to. What has been stopping me, is my life constantly looking like this..
However, this weekend I did get the opportunity to escape this (literal) paper trail and see one of my great friends chandler. Chandler and I went to college together and shared many great memories. This is her and I below. Meet Chan..

Since we only live two hours away, it wasn't a far drive to see a great friend. I had never been to Little Rock, but had always heard great things about it from Chandler. Although it seemed like the weekend flew by, we did a lot and had a great time. So here it goes, 5 things I learned about Little Rock..

1. It was not actually named after a little rock...thank you for the fun fact Chan

2. They had cute little names for each part of their city, can I start my own little city with cute names? that would be fun.

3. They REALLY like their peanut butter in Little Rock, especially Chandler and her 3 other roommates. This is literally the most peanut butter I have ever seen in one house..
My personal favorite is the Bee's knees. Congrats to whoever claims those.

4. This is what Memphis looks like as you are driving in from Little Rock. I couldn't believe how much more regal it looks than from when you actually are in the city. I tried to look for the Madison but I thought swerving on the road was a less desired choice for those surrounding me.

5. Good Friends, no matter near and far can always pick up from where they left off.

Thanks for having me Chan, I had a blast.

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